The Farm in Orange, by Bobbi Florio Graham

I’d love to share my memories of spending time at the farm in Orange when I was in elementary school. I don’t think I have any photos, but I’ll look through old albums to see what I can find.  I think you and your siblings all know how close our fathers were.   Your dad designed the wonderful landscaping of our small back yard on  Alenier Street in Hamden, managing to include a rock garden, a grape arbor, apple and pear trees and three mulberry bushes. He then built the stone fireplace in our cottage at Indian Neck when my parents first bought that property in the early 1940s. Before my parents moved to Florida, the two couples got together every few weeks, usually at the shore in the summer and in Orange in the winter. I remember when your parents renovated the basement kitchen and put in all new appliances. Your mother kept the old wood stove because it made the best pies and pizza!      Love, Bobbi